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Bulk SMS Solutions

Bulk SMS service can be used to help business share timely information to customer to take further action, it will help and nature the leads. Business can segment the customer group, target with relevant content in a suitable context.

Promotional and Transactional SMS Features:

Promotional SMS:

* Automatic DND number filters SMS credits will not charged * 9 AM -9 PM SMS Delivery * WAP Message features * Send the large volume of SMS in a single click *Instant delivery

– Free set up
– Customer support available on demand :Non working hours/day.
– Analytics detailed report can download.

Transactional SMS Features:

Transactional SMS are information updates to existing customer.
Reminder/ services alerts, OTP messages , simple way to send sms throughout country or globe, using the web interface or API.
We provide transitional SMS you can send 24*7*365 days, provide the best service provider in Transactional SMS category.

Transactional SMS Features:
– Message will be delivered to all mobile numbers both DND and Non DND number.
– SMS Contain 6 character sender id will help customer identify the brand by name.
– SMS are delivery 24*7 all the time of day.
– No restrictions of messages sending in a day.
Document to be submitted
– As per Trail rules you must share declaration form in your company letter head.
– You must have permission from the customer (opt. in)who receives your messages.
– Template based message will follow initially later we can change it.