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Long /Short code

Long code :Virtual Mobile number (VMN)similar to 10 digit mobile number intend to use
For 2 way communication purposes.
* Help generate leads * Survey * polling * Chat integration for customer support etc.
Short code:
Most often it will be 5 digital number e.g. :56070 0or 56677 or extension of short code.
56677xx or 56677xx.
* Used for lead generation purposes * Voting * Polling * It comes with free reply message.


Digital Marketing -Search engine optimization-optimize your website /content to show company presence in respective target audience.
We use different SEO techniques and Tools to optimize the websites.
Website like island in sea with respect large web information. SEO is techniques -helping search engine User to identify relevant information in SEA/Web traffic through website.
Show casing company presence/impression to audience mind in crowded web traffic.
Components of SEO
* Online optimization * Offline optimization * Link building * Domain authority
SEM; Search engine marketing
* Research the keyword optimizes keywords for Google ads. * Setting up Google account
* Marketing ads campaigns * Creating ads copy * Generating report *Fine turning the campaigns

Facebook Marketing

Face book marketing:
Showing company presence in social media platform, mainly we help in face book presence.
* Creative account * For creation of profile * Changes profile page for week * Doing the mention for week * Registration form * Lead capturing * Ads copy * Email templates * Lead capturing report.
We help clients do campaign with different communication channels , sms , email, Google ads , face book with additional support they needed do campaigns.

Bulk SMS Solutions

Bulk SMS service can be used to help business share timely information to customer to take further action, it will help and nature the leads. Business can segment the customer group, target with relevant content in a suitable context.

Promotional and Transactional SMS Features:

Promotional SMS:

* Automatic DND number filters SMS credits will not charged * 9 AM -9 PM SMS Delivery * WAP Message features * Send the large volume of SMS in a single click *Instant delivery

Email Services:

Transactional emails are information based mail sending to customer like update or news letter
Product related information after sales etc.Promotional email (Opt. in) only sending the email to customer who agree or permitted receive the mailers.Emailer are effective way to reach the customer even today it way used engage with customer , nature the leads etc.We areproviding the transactional email services to clients either sending the information to clients. Or we are helping in inbound marketing strategy. (more…)

Bulk Voice Services

Reaching more number of customers at a time with pre-recorded voice,It will help to communicate information to customer in audio channel.
* Use pre recorded voice of 15 Sec or 30 Sec * DND filtration for promotional voice calls* Delivery to both DND and Non DND for Transactional voice calls

Click to Call:
It will used to integrate with websites or application to make the easy for the customer to reach customer support. (more…)